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Asset & Transaction Tracing

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Strategising asset security and protecting your investments

Globalisation has played a major role in facilitating the transfer of assets to all parts of the world. Each international jurisdiction enforces their local laws and regulations to protect these transactions. Adapting to this environment, sophisticated ‘criminals’ are deploying ever more complex financial vehicles to conceal the location and source of their misappropriated assets.

Asset Tracing can be of immense importance in areas pertaining to pre-investment due diligence, contractual negotiations, stressed asset management, enforcement of legal decrees, financial judgments, recovery orders, distressed investment for private equity or equity holders, dispute circumstances and legal discourse. MBG Corporate Services specialises in identifying and preventing complex regulatory and economic crimes in addition to enacting remedial measures to tackle them well.

Adapting to the modern workplace, we now place greater emphasis on electronic detection and analysis tools. Our experienced forensic and technology practitioners use sophisticated software products and resources to analyse financial systems. We scrutinise and reconstruct records to find out where the funds have gone, through multi-jurisdictional searches. Most importantly, our Asset Tracing and Recovery experts will work with you and your legal advisor and endeavour to recover misappropriated funds, quickly and discreetly.

Our Asset and Transaction Tracing process involves the following key steps:
  • Identification of assets and transactions
  • Verification of asset ownership
  • Mapping the history of transactions and asset-related ownership
  • Mapping types of assets and transactions

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