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Increasing globalisation and free trade have led to economic growth across the globe. Countries are consistently aiming at improving their international trade and economic relations with other countries for mutual benefits. The UAE offers local and international businesses a wide range of options to optimise their supply chain by taking advantage of the many free trade agreements that it’s a signatory of.

The UAE has a unified customs law with other GCC countries and is also a participant to the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement. Regional and global preferential trade agreements mean eligible goods bear reduced or zero customs duty rates based on origin or customs status. Each of the preferential trade agreements that the GCC countries implement contains a different set of rules.

A careful analysis of these agreements with respect to your particular supply chain setup may lead to significant duty savings.

Our team of professionals combine in-depth knowledge with real-world expertise to chart the best route for the global expansion of your business. We help you navigate through import and export rules and utilise duty savings opportunities in the best way possible. We also assist companies who wish to enter the UAE markets and guide them at every step to help establish their presence in the country.

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