JV/Share Purchase & Subscription Agreement

Delivering value in the deal-making process

Joint Ventures and Sale and Purchase Agreements are actually a key element of the Mergers & Acquisitions process. In essence, such partnerships and agreements lay down the agreed terms of the deal as well as specify several significant security clauses for all the parties involved. They also provide the legal framework for the sale. Sale and Purchase Agreements are, in fact, of critical importance for both sellers and buyers.

At MBG Corporate Services, we can offer you an unsurpassed combination of specialised legal skills with expertise in regional legal systems. Our network of industry experts ensures that critical clauses like consideration, covenants, warranties & indemnities, conditions precedent and applicable jurisdictions are appropriately drafted to mitigate all possible risks.

We help you with your Joint Venture and Sale and Purchase Agreement requirements by:
  • Defining clear goals for your joint ventures
  • Suggesting the ideal working partners
  • Defining the value of your joint venture contributions
  • Laying down the joint venture structure as well as the operating model
  • Establishing a well-defined performance management system
  • Charting out the plan for changes and exits​ from joint ventures and sale and purchase agreements

What can we help you achieve?

Stay one step ahead in a rapidly changing world and build a sustainable future with us.

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