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Contracts Management

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Providing you with iron-clad contractual protections

Legally binding contracts assure transparency and ensure accountability. A well-revised Contracts Management plan provides maximum visibility into an organisation’s contract arrangements, enabling organisations to respond to challenges promptly and analyse key provisions integral to the contracts.

With an expert team of corporate lawyers at MBG Corporate Services, we provide businesses across all disciplines with a comprehensive review of all their current contracts, to guarantee compliance. We combine the latest insights on current market trends and field-tested practices to structure and draft commercial agreements.

We draft the terms and details of the agreements/contracts in a comprehensible manner. Furthermore, we ensure that our services are completely aligned with your business goals. Mitigate the risk of penalties with our services. Our commercial agreements expertise also includes documenting contracts with suppliers and customers, contracts related to Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) as well as those related to energy projects.

We are well-versed in the preparation and negotiation of legal documentation in various industries, including:
  • Drafting Real Estate and Construction contracts such as EPC contracts, distribution agreements and Leasing and Warehousing agreements
  • Restructuring corporate commercial agreements such as Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Shareholders’ Agreement, Collaboration Agreement, Technology Transfer Agreement, Power of Attorney, Trust Deed and Assignment Agreement, etc.
  • Confirming that business transaction structures conform to the legal regulatory framework as set out by the authorities
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial contracts including Hotel Management contracts, Franchise Agreements, Master Services agreements, Software Development agreements, contract manufacturing, etc.
  • Preparing and negotiating bid documents, bidding, project finance documents, securitisation, tenders, EPC contracts, etc.
  • Developing, negotiating and financing documentation such as Asset Mortgage Agreement, Loan Agreement, Letter of Credit, etc. and negotiating with banks and executing documentation
  • Reviewing and negotiating documents related to real estate such as Musataha Agreement, Lease Agreement and Joint Venture (JV) agreements between the developer and the local landowner

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