Stock Audit and Verification

Ensuring your business’s asset value remains faultless

Stocks are the most valuable asset for any business and also highly susceptible to pilferage, damage, expiry, wastage or fraud. The objective of a Stock Audit is to ensure the existence, accuracy, ownership rights and also verify the realizable value of the items in the company’s inventory. Accurate accounting of inventory is also essential to a robust bookkeeping system and MIS reporting. Since the inventory has a lot of movement during business days, the process of routine physical verification needs proper planning, resource mobilisation and expertise.

Our team of experts can assist you in inventory verification and provide more insights into your stock, along with a proper reconciliation of the existing stock records. Through our inventory verification and valuation services, we identify the excess/shortage of materials in stock and identify the old/damaged materials in inventory. It helps the management get better internal control on the inventory counting process, without disturbing the regular workflow, and reduces wastage and losses arising due to fraud or damage.

Our services include:
  • Stock Audit Services
  • Physical Status Reporting
  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Valuation of Inventory
  • Assistance for Inventory Coding and Categorization
  • Inventory Accounting

What can we help you achieve?

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