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Statutory Audit

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The Statutory Audit team at MBG Corporate Services is committed to providing exceptional service quality which goes far beyond regulatory demands. We aim to increase transparency and build stakeholder trust in your organisation. We follow globally accomplished, risk-based audit services that comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We adapt our audit services to fit the client’s unique requirements and commit to our responsibility of building trust in corporate reporting.

The quality of our audit is maintained by qualified professionals who have a breadth of experience and to whom we provide the best available ongoing personal and professional development. Our approach assimilates rigorous standards of professional independence and objectivity. Our well-tested methodology emphasises crucial risk areas by combining our technical skills and practical knowledge, with a detailed understanding of your organisation and the financial services industry in the conduct of each Statutory Audit assignment.

Throughout the audit process, we compile a list of internal control weaknesses and operating inefficiencies that may warrant management’s attention.

These are defined as ‘a deficiency, or combination of deficiencies, in internal control, such that there is a reasonable possibility that a material misstatement of the organisation’s financial statements will be prevented or detected and corrected on a timely basis.’

In addition to the audited financial statement, our team provides a Management letter with innovative ideas, recommendations and solutions based on industry best practices, about ways to improve internal control systems, streamline operations and cut back on expenses. We offer this value added service in order to enable our clients to maximise the potential of their business, as our primary goal is to see our clients succeed.

Through the business insights we bring to each engagement, we seek to add value beyond financial statements. Our abilities are particularly relevant during the transition from your former auditors, as our focus would be on providing fresh insights.

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