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Liquidation Services

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Assuring the easy liquidation of assets

When the shareholders of an organisation decide to shelve its operations and dissolve its market existence, the process of liquidation comes into effect. Businesses will seek to sell all of its assets after resolving all outstanding matters. The surplus assets will also be shared with the concerned stakeholders.

Company liquidation in the UAE is an extremely complex process that mandates the submission of several official documents pertaining to the company’s financial status. It is, therefore, in the best interest of corporations to outsource professional expertise on matters concerning liquidation and acquire the guidance needed to assist them in the process.

MBG Corporate Services offers an entire range of Company Liquidation services, which includes supervising the negotiations with federal authorities and third parties. We ensure that all dues and liabilities are settled and the necessary legal approvals and requirements are acquired. Our specialists have over 15 years of industry experience in providing competent liquidation services for UAE Free Zone companies, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), local and foreign branch companies and offshore companies. Our liquidation experts can oversee and execute Company Liquidation processes from start to finish.

Our asset liquidation services procedures include the following:
  • Liquidators’ appointment process
  • Liquidation Board of Resolution (drafting and notarisation)
  • Acquisition of clearances from the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Immigration
  • Acquisition of clearance from the Customs Department
  • Procurement of bank closure letters
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Obtaining Non-Liability Letter and Liquidation Certificate

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