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Avoid AED 10,000 penalty by registering for Corporate Tax today!

VAT Registration Service

Have you registered for Corporate Tax yet? Avoid AED 10,000 penalty by registering for Corporate Tax today!

Our company offers professional VAT Registration and De-registration services that are designed to help businesses comply with the guidelines set by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in the UAE. VAT Registration in the UAE is essential for businesses operating in the UAE to avoid penalties and ensure compliance with FTA regulations. The process of UAE VAT registration is a simple process that is offered by us as part of the VAT Registration Services team. We are the leading consultants for Indirect Tax in the UAE region.

FTA VAT Registration is mandatory for businesses whose turnover exceeds AED 375,000 in the last 12 months or is expected to exceed that in the next 30 days. Voluntary registration is also available for businesses with turnover or expenses subject to VAT and exceeding AED 187,500.

Non-residents who make taxable supplies in the UAE are also required to register for VAT, except when there is another UAE VAT registrant person responsible for accounting for VAT under the Reverse Charge Mechanism. The threshold does not apply to non-residents.

VAT De-registration

On the other hand, VAT De-registration is equally important for VAT compliance in the UAE, as it allows businesses to cancel their VAT registration and suspend their Tax Registration Number (TRN) when they are no longer required to pay VAT. The purpose of VAT De-registration is to prevent businesses from incurring unnecessary costs or penalties and to ensure that accurate records are maintained by the FTA. Failure to register for VAT or apply for de-registration within the specified time frame can result in penalties.

At MBG, we make the VAT Registration and De-registration process hassle-free for our clients. Our experienced professionals assist businesses in submitting the required documents, completing the online VAT registration process, and ensuring compliance with FTA regulations. We also offer ongoing support for any queries or concerns related to VAT Registration or De-registration.

Moreover, MBG provides value-added services that support businesses in their VAT Registration and De-registration process. Our team offers expert advice on registration thresholds and exemptions, helping businesses make informed decisions. We also assist businesses in maintaining accurate records and preparing for VAT audits, allowing them to focus on their core activities while we take care of their VAT compliance requirements.

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