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Most business transactions are taxable and VAT implications differ according to the context. A proactive approach helps in avoiding complications and makes the most of business opportunities. In any business, different transactions have different implications and require different solutions. At MBG Corporate Services, we offer VAT Advisory serviced that are flexible and targeted to the needs of individual businesses.

We will look at the processes that the business has established for managing VAT and will consider the controls that are in place to manage risks. Our dedicated professionals get a proper understanding of the business model and business environment in which the business is operating.

We then analyse VAT provisions on business transactions within the ambit of legal provisions and provide the advice based on the analysis of transactions along with the applicability of the law.

Our advisors possess in-depth knowledge of the tax regime in the UAE. They will update you on the laws and steer the tax implication on each transaction from initial due impact to post-transaction effect. Our team will also assist you to establish a compliance policy and procedure at the transaction level.

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