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IT Due Diligence

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The world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) moves fast. Making informed decisions about potential targets requires a deep dive into their technological foundation. That’s where IT due diligence comes in.

What is IT Due Diligence?

IT due diligence is a comprehensive assessment of a target company’s IT infrastructure, security posture, and overall technological capabilities. It helps you uncover potential risks, hidden costs, and opportunities associated with the target’s technology stack.

Why Choose MBG for IT Due Diligence?

At MBG, we understand the complexities of M&A transactions. Our seasoned IT due diligence professionals provide a clear and objective evaluation of the target’s technology environment, empowering you to make confident investment decisions.

Our IT due diligence process encompasses:

  • In-depth Infrastructure Review: Evaluate the target’s hardware, software, network architecture, and overall IT maturity.
  • Security Assessment: Uncover potential security vulnerabilities and compliance gaps.
  • Data Management Analysis: Assess the target’s data management practices, storage solutions, and data security measures.
  • Application Review: Evaluate the functionality, scalability, and integration capabilities of the target’s critical applications.
  • Integration Planning: Identify potential integration challenges and develop a roadmap for post-merger system consolidation.
  • Detailed Report and Recommendations: Receive a comprehensive report outlining key findings, potential risks and opportunities, and clear recommendations to inform your M&A strategy.

Benefits of Partnering with Us:

  • Mitigate Risk: Identify and address potential IT-related issues before finalizing the deal.
  • Uncover Hidden Costs: Gain insights into potential technology upgrades or migrations needed post-merger.
  • Informed Negotiations: Use our findings to leverage your negotiating position and optimize deal terms.
  • Smoother Integration: Plan for a smoother post-merger technology integration process.

Make Smarter M&A Decisions

Don’t let technology blindspots derail your M&A success. Our IT due diligence expertise empowers you to make informed decisions and navigate M&A transactions with confidence.

Contact us today to discuss your IT due diligence needs and embark on a secure path towards a successful merger or acquisition!

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