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Assistance in Excise Tax Audit

Have you registered for Corporate Tax yet? Avoid AED 10,000 penalty by registering for Corporate Tax today!

Empowering you with timely technical input

Managing Excise Taxes and understanding opportunities to mitigate their impact is crucial for all businesses operating in affected industries. Businesses need to come up with effective strategies to navigate the fast-changing Excise Compliance landscape in the UAE.

An Excise Audit by a third-party expert is a good way to identify areas of tax non-compliance that might prove to be a roadblock for your operations in the future. An Excise Audit does not simply identify isolated cases of Tax Compliance failures but also spots areas that are chronic in nature as each failure of Tax Compliance triggers a huge penalty.

Every organisation, whether an MNC or SME has to deal with Tax Audit, Tax Process Audit or Health Check Audit. Tax Audits can be challenging for every organisation. It becomes unnerving when excise book records are not maintained as per the law, especially when the organisation is not used to dealing with such a situation.

Our knowledgeable team at MBG Corporate Services will help you with the practical and technical guidelines for dealing with auditors. At the time of the audit, our team will invariably be by your side during the stressful and tense phase, exuding a sense of calm in the chaos. Being adept at Tax Audits, we will ensure that you are in the best mental space to plot the future course of action for your business.

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