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Customs Exemption Advisory

Have you registered for Corporate Tax yet? Avoid AED 10,000 penalty by registering for Corporate Tax today!

Optimising costs with international trade

The UAE offers a large number of Free Zones and ports that provide customs exemption on imports. Companies can save on customs duty and import Value Added Tax (VAT) in case the goods are imported temporarily, for processing and re-export, or in some cases, for retention within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This is also true for customs warehousing, bonded warehouses and bonded zones which defer duty and import VAT payments until goods leave those areas. In such cases, no payment is due on goods that are subsequently re-exported outside the GCC.

Businesses can leverage customs exemption facilities if they have obtained a Primary Approval Certificate or Industrial Licensing Certificate. Such customs exemption can help companies evaluate alternative and cheaper sources of procurement of goods from outside the UAE.

With MBG Corporate Services, you receive expert guidance on managing your import-export costs efficiently. Our breadth of experience in the field helps us structure your global transactions efficiently. We can optimise your global supply chain by advising you on all applicable exemptions.

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