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Whether it is understanding the financial health of an organization, or the technological compatibility between companies, due diligence is a vital part of M&A transactions.
MBG Corporate Services helps organizations make the right investment and buying decisions with our Due Diligence services for domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. We add value with expert and timely analyses of the authenticity and accuracy of the target company’s financial, legal, technological and tax reports.
Using our global network of experienced professionals, we identify and examine the underlying risks related to each transaction. We eliminate post-transaction risks for our clients with our comprehensive analysis reports on their target companies.

We conduct due diligence in the following areas to maximize the value of each transaction:

  • Financial and Tax Due Diligence: This includes a detailed analysis of the business’s revenue stream and tax output. Our expert analysts identify the key issues faced by the business and highlight key strengths like maintainable profits and cash flows. This exposes any potential deal-breakers.
  • Technological Due Diligence: This involves studying the target company’s technological and technical capabilities and identifying potential risks. Software plays a major role in the management of modern companies. It is critical to identify and understand possible compatibility difficulties arising from a target company’s use of incompatible software.
  • Legal Due Diligence: Our legal team evaluates and reviews the legal aspects of the target company, identifying potential legal risks from the sale or purchase of an entity. Our detailed Legal Due Diligence reports highlight the legal considerations of the move and identify steps to mitigate potential areas of conflict.

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