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Simplifying Customs Law for international trade

All businesses that are involved in international trade need to comply with Customs Regulations. Whether exporting or importing the goods, complying with Customs Regulations in the UAE is a necessity which requires deep knowledge of the regulations, not only from the GCC perspective but also at an international level.

Furthermore, customs authority reserves the right to audit any company to check their compliance with the applicable Customs Laws and Regulations. So, it is important to be accurate with the statutory requirements of Customs and its procedures to avoid non-compliance penalties. The penalties for non-compliance are often severe and can damage the reputation of a company with both its clients and the regulatory bodies.

Customs authorities have complete details of the goods entered and exited out of the Free Zone. Customs authorities can carry out intensive audits for Free Zone entities to find if any goods have been supplied in the mainland without proper Customs procedures or if there is any undervaluation of goods or deficit in weights.

Customs Compliance Health Check from MBG Corporate Services will help you reduce risks and streamline your processes. Using our extensive knowledge in Customs & International Trade, we propose solutions and recommendations to ensure that your business establishes streamlined and fully compliant processes and record-keeping requirements of the Customs department.

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