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United Arab Emirates ( UAE) : THE HAVEN NEXT DOOR | Business Setup Services in UAE/Dubai

February 10, 2021

Business Setup Services in UAE /Dubai

UAE is one of the fastest-growing countries on earth in terms of diversifications taking place in the blink of an eye. It is also ranked as one of the top 10 contributors in terms of global GDP. An excellent environment for LLC Company Formation in UAE makes it a growing hub for entrepreneurs to invest in. It continues to attract and inspire individuals who aspire to bring ground-breaking disruptions and positive transformations to the global markets. It impregnates the idea of being the most technologically advanced place in the world and fosters upgrading the economy through the constant growth of its businesses. UAE offers business opportunities to businesses of all sizes. The governance is pro-business, with completely transparent business regulations, tax-free zones, first-class physical infrastructure, and access to a skilled labor force. This gives entrepreneurs and start-ups a platform for ease to set-up and scale. 

Trying to Understand the Details of UAE & its Market? Here’s What to Expect:

The first thing a new visitor to Dubai notices upon arrival is the infrastructure. The impression begins at the airport and continues on the smooth high-speed automated metro past the iconic landmarks of the city’s skyline to his hotel, one of over 500 with world-class facilities at every price point.

The second is the orderliness, a sense that things work here. Immigration, for instance, moves surprisingly fast for an airport that handles the highest passenger volume in the world– 86.4 million in 2019. Then out on the city roads, RFID technology-based gates on city roads wirelessly debit toll charges off moving vehicles. Indeed, things move here!

UAE Economy & Business Structure:

As personal income tax, corporate income tax in the UAE is practically zero and while VAT is applicable, at 5% it is low. The country also allows 100% capital and profit repatriation and 100% FDI ownership in many sectors as well as in dedicated Economic Free Zones. With such factors alone it makes this a highly attractive destination for investors. The UAE goes the extra mile to ensure that setting up and operating a business is easier than in most other countries.

The World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ 2020 report has UAE at the 16th place in its ranking of 190 countries. Notable in the report is the ease of Business Setup in UAE– an average of 2.5 procedures and four days and zero paid-in minimum capital requirement. Or consider ‘Getting Electricity’ on which the UAE tops the list: it takes an average of two procedures and seven days for a business to get a new connection. The moot point perhaps is the growth in ranking over the years reflecting a proactive, continually improving economic system that is focused on attracting more and more investors. For instance, the government has recently approved a 10-year residency permit for investors and professionals.

The infrastructure that serves citizens, ex-pats, and, tourists alike so well is also a significant engine of economic and business growth. The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index of 2019 ranks UAE 25th in the world and 12th on infrastructure. Highlights include the second rank on ICT adoption, and seventh on quality of roads and air transport services. The increased productivity and reduced effective operating costs for businesses that accrue from infrastructural advantages cannot be overemphasized.

Funding and Support Networks 

UAE’s funding and support network is an exemplary one. It’s highly developed and convenient. Along with a vibrant financial environment, the government offers to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs which results in the creation of innovative forward-thinking businesses. The liquidity procedures get easier if you have the guidance of a great consultant to help you through the way and take charge of your all business proceeding for your Business Setup in UAE.

MBG understands the need for budding entrepreneurs and helps you with setting up your business in UAE seamlessly. We specialize in providing sustainable solutions and strategies to help you drive your business in UAE. We are completely in tune with the disruptions of the UAE market and work parallel to your needs in collaboration with the UAE market.

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The UAE Business Environment for Indian Entrepreneurs:

Safety and socio-political stability are other major reasons why the UAE is such a desirable investment destination. Year after year, the country remains the proverbial island in the sea of socio-political storms that the Middle East often finds itself to be. Even domestic disturbances to businesses, such as strikes or riots, simply do not exist. The state’s social policies since its inception have created a just and equitable society where happy citizens share some of the highest living standards in the world with an ex-pat base of over 100 nationalities. All living and working harmoniously side by side.

Geographical location too is a well-acknowledged part of the UAE growth story. Indeed, one of the main achievements of the UAE leadership’s long-term strategy has been to successfully leverage its proximity to key economic zones and position the country as an equidistant hub linking them. While the obvious use of this idea has been in trade, transport, and logistics– think Jebel Ali port or Emirates Airlines – its application has gone beyond. The financial free zone, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), for example, was launched as the midpoint between the markets closing in Hong Kong and opening in New York. The very close physical proximity to India (along with socio-cultural affinities of course) makes the UAE particularly attractive to Indian businessmen and investors, the journey taking no longer than many domestic flights within India.

How MBG Helps You in Business Setup Services in Dubai/UAE:

MBG offers an A-Z range of Business Setup Services in Dubai throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Our Business Setup Services include:

All the above services are customizable according to the specific needs of your business. What give us an edge above the rest are the additional complementary services that we offer post Business Setup services in Dubai.

Our complementary services include:

  • Strategy & Transformation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Taxation
    • VAT
    • Excise Tax
    • Customs & International Taxation
  • Technology & Legal Advisory
  • Unified In-Country Value (ICV)

We at MBG understand how crucial and important your business idea is for you and we are completely committed to staying with you throughout your journey. We don’t just help you from the initial stages to set up your business in Dubai, but also guide your post business set up on how to take it forward and providing you with everything you need.

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