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Robotic Process Automation

Save time and money, grow productivity and reduce errors

With Robotic Process Automation, digital workers or robots complete business processes and tasks in less time, with fewer errors, and at a lower cost than humans would.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a software platform that mimics human action in completing transactional, rules- based tasks where structured data and pre-defined rules and parameters are used. RPA can be used to perform repetitive tasks more efficiently and accurately, e.g., logging into applications, data entry, calculations, completions, logging out, etc.

RPA works on the presentation layer and thus can easily automate business processes quickly and cost-effectively without the need to create, replace or redevelop expensive platforms, architectures, processes and devices.


Some processes require real-time interaction with a human. Attended robots help users in completing processes more efficiently and accurately. When robots automate a process, employees enjoy increased productivity and process accuracy while focusing on human interaction and other critical tasks.


Most groups have bots that do not require real-time collaboration with humans and technology. Bots can operate unattended, and present or post information or results for workers downstream without needing human intervention. Software robots execute business processes on a virtual machine or in a back-office server.

The robots are triggered automatically, work uninterrupted 24/7, and do not require human intervention. Unattended robots execute processes on applications even when the application is not running, and they respond to changes in processes immediately.


  • Bots work 24×7 nonstop and at high speeds
  • Bots can do the work of 3-5 full-time employees- who can be redeployed for higher value
  • RPA saves cost by reducing valuable time spent by employees on mundane, repetitive tasks, and decreasing workforce and training
  • Bots can be deployed quickly and integrated with existing IT
  • Robot completes a process with greater ease, reduce or remove human error, and ensure compliance and higher customer satisfaction
  • RPA operations can be scaled up quickly and Users can add, change or expand automation processes as needed without incurring any downtime.
  • Bots with intelligent capability can process structured and semi-structured data from various documents like invoices, claims, contracts,
  • Processes under RPA are significantly more measurable as they are tracked in real-time with advanced analytics and workflow
  • RPA provides maximum security by the complete separation of resources, so only authorized users can access or edit specific

Use cases

Vendor Payment reconciliation, Asset allocation, Account activation, Account reconciliation, Loan application, financial reconciliation, Invoice processing and financial report generation.
Member enrolment, Customer Onboarding, Claim processing, Administration, Report automation, Insurance coverage, Policy administration and Compensation data entry.
Supply chain Automation, Sales order process, Bills of material, Corporate billing reports, Production planning and Procurement.
Data entry automation, Logistics management, Initiative purchase orders, Order management, Inventory tracking, Payment acceptance and Billing automation.
Content Management & access management, Order fulfillment automation, Product categorization and Product returns.
Enrollment process, Meetup schedules, Attendance tracking, Progress reports and Teacher substitution, Creating fee structures and Assessment tasks.
Claims management, Direct Bill commission’s reconciliations, Patient referral automation, Streamlining patient scheduling, Inventory management, Revenue cycle collection, Patient pre-authorization workflow automation, Online payment posting and Patient registration.
Account check, Report generation, Simple query forwarding and Number posting.

MBG’s Automation Approach

MBG RPA Services

Automation readiness assessments and reviews

Identifying and selecting priority automation candidates within key functions and processes

Advice on end-to-end robotic process automation roadmaps

Deploying and executing RPA

Educating and training on RPA tools

Incorporating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into the automated process

Post – Production support and Maintenance for automated processes

Establishing RPA Centre of Excellence in the organization for ongoing maintenance, management and governance of automated processes (BOTs)

Defining and formalizing governance and change management frameworks for RPA- based engagements

Webinars on the Topic

Webinar on Robotic Process Automation

Watch RPA case studies – How RPA can help your Business thrive

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