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ERP & CRM Project Management

Strengthening customer relationships by driving organisational excellence

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can often prove to be a complicated process, without the benefit of in-depth insights. The traditional Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) style of questioning, which is used to understand what customers need for ERP implementation, lacks the context for enabling your company’s staff to provide accurate answers. Pre- and post-sales interviews with customers also fail to improve the transparency of business operations. This lack of understanding can hinder ERP implementors from being able to validate the information they receive.

Due to a lack of uniformity, a staff member’s description of the processes followed may cause ambiguity in the understanding of the business. Such gaps in communication can be efficiently addressed with our cost-effective and tailored solutions.

With our comprehensive ERP & CRM Project Management systems, organisations can focus on enhancing their operations and gain business knowledge to drive value for their end customers. We collaborate with your teams to better understand your requirements and accurately convey them to your ERP vendor.

Our solutions include:
  • ERP Health Check – Derive the highest level of business benefits and maximum return from your current ERP system investment by ensuring that they evolve with changes in your organisation. MBG Corporate Services can help you make the most of your optimisation efforts by providing a realistic assessment of the current state of your applications. Utilising our functional and business process expertise, our specialised health check assessment service evaluates major functional areas of your application and business processes, paying particular attention to gaps between your current/future needs and how your applications are configured today.
  • ERP Project Management – Partner with MBG Corporate Services and get the experience, expertise and methodology you need to deliver a successful ERP implementation. We’ll also add in knowledge, structure and discipline to deliver your project on-time and on-budget. And, most importantly, we’ll help you ensure that your transformative implementation project delivers the business outcomes that justify the investment decision.

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