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Construction and Real Estate are one of the highest in profit and risk

March 04, 2020

The dynamics of the Construction and Real Estate industry are always evolving. Increased pressure on the industry from the impact of the current economic environment, incidences of fraud and increasing scrutiny from regulators, investors and lenders mean that companies are increasingly focusing on controls within their operational infrastructure.

The sector has been instrumental in driving growth for both the local and wider global economy for many decades. Real estate and infrastructure projects form a major part of many businesses in the region, with significant investment and operational costs dominating their balance sheets.

Ineffective processes, poor controls and a lack of governance are no longer acceptable. Boards, audit committees, analysts, regulators and executive management are demanding greater accountability, transparency and management of enterprise risk.

Our Strategy is to help our clients to review their approach, refine their controls and become more agile in their approach to navigating the fast-changing real estate and construction market.

It is beneficial to companies to streamline their operations, identify and mitigate risk, and build better customer relationships to help deliver better performance and increased return on investment.

Minimizing Risk – By providing a range of services, we are able to help clients manage their risk by addressing areas of:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Internal Control
  • Ownership Governance
  • Fraud Risk Management
  • Crisis Management

In doing so we provide the following services; Internal Audit, Corporate Governance, Stakeholder Management, Risk Management, Policy Documentation and Litigation Support.

Maximizing Profit – Companies are always looking to maximize profit, which can be achieved through strengthening processes in key areas, such as:

  • Taxation
  • Operational Efficiency
  • People Management
  • Operational Performance
  • Revenue Analysis

In order to assist and enable, we provide the following services; VAT Health checks, Finance & Accounts review, Compensation, Benefits & HR compliance review, Operational and Performance Management reviews.

How we help Our Clients:

Procurement, bidding and compliance checks: Help benchmark against recognized industry best practice.

Analytics: Help provide insights into contract management, revenue analysis, margin studies, and project cost anomalies.

Risk management: Provide Internal Audit for Construction and Capital Projects that can help reduce risk whilst keeping projects running on time and within budget.

Digital Solution: We can help clients with digital solutions, which can help them to manage their business in a more efficient manner.

Legal/Contract Review: We can undertake detailed commercial reviews of construction contracts to maximize efficiency, improve contact management and increase accuracy of reporting.

Workforce framework review to meet industry standards: Help with Organizational Change, HR Transformation; Talent Management.

Enterprise Resource Planning system implementation: Provide Finance and ERP consulting.

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