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About Capital Projects

‘Capital Project’ refers to a project that helps manage and grow capitalized and depreciable assets such as physical infrastructure like roads and dams, manufacturing facilities, machinery, and equipment, and so on. For example, it could be new construction, expansion, renovation or replacement project for an existing facility. Capital projects are laden with both opportunities and risks. The largest threats perhaps are posed by programme, process, and project management. The success of any capital project relies on meeting time and cost parameters, managing contractors and project changes, navigating rules specific to each project, and maintaining openness and through-the-line responsibility from inception to completion.

Firms frequently lack the resources and experience in program and project management needed to perform on all these fronts. And that is where MBG comes in as an expert program and project management consulting partner through all phases of the capital project.

Winning the Capital Project Management game with MBG Corporate Services

MBG Corporate Services is a global organization that supports clients in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East by offering long-term solutions and strategies that promote business transformation and growth.

MBG’s Capital Projects Advisory works with clients across the project lifecycle to provide risk mitigation and control solutions at the program, project and process levels. We have experience in delivering project-based reviews and audits, process development and re-engineering, project management, market and feasibility studies, and project advisory services to business practices in the Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Infrastructure industries.

Our subject matter experts help your company navigate the project management landscape while minimizing risk and enhancing performance through our customised solutions across the project lifecycle. We work with you both to solve current challenges and make your system future prepared.

MBG’s Capital Projects Advisory solutions – Summary:

Risk based Internal Audits – Risk based review of existing controls and processes to develop robust integrated framework for governance, risk, and compliance.

Project Reviews/ Audits — Review of existing controls and processes across the project lifecycle with focus on time, cost, compliances, and quality and solutions to mitigate risk and improve productivity.

Standard Operating Procedures/ Target Operating Model — Development of world class to-be process frameworks for organizational transformation.

Setting-up PMO, Project Management Assistance and Contracts Management – Providing project management services and client representation roles for projects covering planning, scheduling, budgeting, time and cost controls monitoring, optimum resource utilisation, and techno-commercial solutions from contract preparation, assessment and monitoring to termination and closure.

Enterprise Risk Management – Risk identification and assessment across various processes, preparation of risk register, mitigation, and monitoring.

Project Advisory Services covering Market and Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence – Comprehensive market assessments, techno-commercial feasibility, operational model analysis, demand and financial projections, competition assessment, market share and sensitivity analysis, business case development, MIS dashboard, risk and controls assessment for projects; technical and vendor due diligence to ascertain approvals and control regulations.

Investment Monitoring – Monitoring of investments during construction for effective fund/ cashflow management.

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