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Dubai Customs Notification Updates

January 08, 2019


Dubai Customs is consistently moving towards simplifying and streamlining their processes and procedures by enabling electronic processing and clearance of declarations. In its latest notification updates they have given the following guidelines about the Sea Export Manifest Submission and Resolving Import Manifest Discrepancies:

Custom Notice No.ConcernDate of EnforcementProvision of lawNon ComplianceCompliance by
2/2018Sea Export Manifest Submission31st January 2019Sea Export Manifest consist of Bill of lading (BOL) of all shipment (Including consolidated shipment) shall be submitted to customs - Electronically - Within 12 hours of departure from portService Charge shall be applicable - AED 5 per BOL for change in BOL in Manifest - AED 10 for cancellation of Manifest- Freight Forwarder - Cargo Handler - Shipping Agent
3/2018Resolving Import Manifest Discrepancies1st January 2019Any Cargo Discrepancy(s) notified electronically in case of unload (import) or transshipment must be justified by submitting the valid evidence electronically within 7 days.Manifest cancellation must be submitted for non-arrival of ship.Fines shall be imposed as per Chapter VII of GCC Common Custom Law.- Cargo Handling Agent - Shipping Agent - Ship Master - Freight Forwarder

According to us all the Cargo Agents, Freight Forwarder, and Shipping Agent will be most affected by these. They should ensure that they regulate their operations and comply by adhering to the new guidelines. In case of any queries please feel free to reach out to us.

Last Updated: 8th January 2019

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Amit Mehta

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