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Robotic Process Automation

September 30, 2020

The latest way to transform your business

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is reinventing how work gets done in today’s world

The disruptive, game-changing technologies within Robotic Process Automation (RPA) hold the promise of a smarter future for Business Process services through the ‘flawless performance of repetitive tasks’ at a fraction of the cost of traditional processes. The prospect of a 25-40 percent reduction in labour costs with RPA is opening many doors for enterprise decision makers.

Process automation in various forms has been in existence for a long time now. So, what is different about RPA?

RPA operates across multiple systems by mimicking human behavior. It allows for seamless processing by interacting with applications through their user interface, just the way humans do, wherein there is no integration required.

Benefits of adopting RPA
  • Efficiency - Standardises process, reduces variations and works 24x7

  • Cost Reduction - Onshore costs can be reduced by 40-65 percent and offshore costs by 18-25 percent

  • Accuracy - Automation eliminates manual intervention, thereby reducing errors

  • Speed - Automation tools are at least twice as fast as human agents.

  • Spike Management - Easily manages spikes in volume

Robotic Process Automation at MBG

The effective adoption of RPA needs an understanding of:

  • RPA technologies in the market, their applicability, strengths and drawbacks

  • Business Process Re-engineering

  • Domains

  • Technology

MBG Corporate Services has set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) with a dedicated team of architects, business analysts, project managers, technologists and Six Sigma consultants to identify, evaluate, implement and maintain RPA solutions for our clients. Our CoE leverages a defined methodology that helps spot an RPA opportunity, develop the most optimal resolution and maturely execute the solution. We adopt a tool-agnostic approach which allows us to develop the most appropriate solution to address the specific requirements of the process that needs to be automated. MBG Corporate Services has partnered with industry-leading RPA tool vendors to deliver the best results.

Why choose MBG
  • Experience in delivering multiple RPA projects

  • Partnerships and expertise across the spectrum of RPA technologies – tools and methodologies

  • RPA CoE – Institutionalised knowledge, templates and best practices to minimise implementation costs

  • Strength in Applications and Business Process Services, with a deep understanding of the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) domain and a team with specialist experience in Business Analytics, Solution Architecture, Six Sigma and Business Process Re-engineering.

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