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The importance of implementing Information Security Management in your company

February 17, 2020
Information Security Management System ISMS is the immunity system every company needs to protect it from cyber-attack and information leakages that cause organizations to lose billions of dollars each year.Protection of Information is becoming critical to maintain competitive edge. If an organization does not take structured steps to safeguard itself, the consequent loss of information could result in significant damages in revenue, brand loss and even legal liability.

The way we look at it:

We map out the organization's risk profile analyzing business processes, technology infrastructure and people awareness level. Based on the risk profile, our team designs the Information Security Framework, which will consist of policies, procedures and necessary controls to bring the risk exposure to acceptable level.We sensitize the change leaders & get their mind share by creating a sense of urgency & commitment towards information security, which helps in transforming the organization from top down. We train the stakeholders including the third party personnel to create a change in the cultural ethos for successful implementation. We get the Buy‐in and Mind share of the Senior Management to actively support and participate in information security initiatives.

And the way we deal with it:

Our team will conduct a change management program to assist the users take ownership of InfoSec processes and also to build up sustenance capability within the organization. We will setup helpdesk within the organization to facilitate smooth roll out of the new policies and procedures and to ensure timely completion of the implementation and enhanced brand value through ISO 27001 Certification.Our team of experts will sit with you and take you through the process of how we can provide you with the immunity your company need. Contact us now

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