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UAE Minister announced a unified medical file system for all hospitals by 2020

February 17, 2020

To survive and flourish, the healthcare system needs to increase its efficiency across all its departments, become much more cost-effective, implement processes that would help its staff become more patient-focused, drive down costs across the board, and increase its volume of patients while maintaining an excellent level of care. In this vision, on Tuesday, February 11 a UAE minister announced a new unified medical file system that will link all hospitals in the UAE and allow them access to medical records of a patient has been introduced in the country. We work with our healthcare clients to create and deliver practical solutions that help you address the spectrum of business issues like: challenges of cost increase, patient satisfaction and others.

Our Strategy is to help our clients achieve operational effectiveness by reducing the risk and maximizing the profit:

Minimizing Risk By providing a bouquet of services, we help client to better manage risk by addressing areas of:

  • Productivity & Operational Improvement
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Regulatory Development, Design & Implementation
  • Workforce development
  • Crisis Management
  • Fraud

Maximizing Profit With the focus to increase shareholder’s wealth, an organization is always focused on maximizing profit and that can be achieved by strengthening the areas of:

  • Finance and Accounts, Taxation
  • Operational Efficiency & People
  • Hospital Operational Performance
  • Revenue Analysis

How we help Our Clients:

  • Help plug the Hospitals Revenue Leakages – Internal audit and performance assurance
  • Design and implementation of new workflows for departments
  • Revenue, Doctor Pay-outs and Patient Satisfaction analytics
  • Workforce framework review to meet industry standards – Organization Change, HR Transformation & Talent Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning system implementation – Finance and ERP consulting
  • Quality assessment of various departments including Internal Audit

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