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Virtual Team: Clone in Emergency

May 03, 2020

External specialized experts have always added value to organizations complementing internal expertise which may be limited to business activities carried out by an organisation. Specialized experts possess vast experience in handling various projects in diverse business scenarios, fresh insights and innovative ideas. When management seeks some advice, it is always beneficial to approach a consultancy firm for the solution(s) after considering their reputation in the market, taking referrals, professional fees and group mandates, but forgets to understand the internal structure of the consultancy firm itself and their presence in particular region, its associated experts, the band width of the firm in terms of resources & accessibility, customized service offerings during emergency situation and the added value to organizations apart from accepted scope of work.

In fast changing and challenging economic conditions, relying on one expert is high risk because every matter has diversified implication. Before taking any decision, organizations need to have a clear stand from professionals from various verticals i.e. Financial, Taxation, Legal, Information Technology and other aspects.

Now question comes, will it be wise to engage experts from different field? Or to outsource the work to different experts or consultants? Who should be called upon after checking their availability to visit you? In the era of technology, the answer is to have Virtual Team (VT) of experts in the organisation to support the business and who are available on short notice at a common platform to understand, discuss, review and conclude by giving independent implementable solution(s).

This opportunity is open and accessible to all businesses regardless of the location and the size. VT remains in touch with business partner team through a webinar, video pitch of solution(s), email, video conferences and other online modules to deliver as existing commitments.In the current situation, where work from home is the best way to curb spread of COVID-19 and offices have been shut as a precautionary measure. Compliances and some core activities ranging from Accounts, Finance, Tax compliances, Marketing, Customer Support and other verticals can be managed & continued by a VT of experts at remote station to ensure the business continuity.

Why Stake Holders consider Virtual Team (VT) as support wing:

  • Virtual Team as Plan B in crises
  • Reliance on virtual team as support in emergency
  • Cost effective solution(s)
  • Virtual Team to attract talent
  • Building Strategic alliance

MBG Corporate Services provide Legal, Risk, M&A, Tax, Strategy, Technology and Audit Assurance. We provide clients a pioneering, holistic and proactive approach to resolving their key business pain points. Why MBG should be considered your Virtual Team partner?

  • Serving a wide range of businesses across multiple industries
  • Experience in remote support across multiple services
  • Dedicated team with quick response
  • Global presence with world class talent
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