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Your Ecommerce business might be at risk, but we can minimize that risk

February 24, 2020

The internet has been introduced to the world since the mid 90s, however, the Ecommerce has only started to pick up in the last decade to become the main channel for many businesses, and become very convenient for both, businesses and customers. Nowadays, businesses can reach international market and have a window in every customer’s home to shop on their own comfort without having to waste any time on going the distance to reach an outlet for something that can be delivered to their door.

The e-commerce market in the Middle East and North Africa grew 25 per cent to reach $8.3bn in 2017, and is expected to rise to $28.5bn by 2022.

Demographic factors, Advancement in technology, rapid changes in business model, profitability and increasing competition are few of the major challenges faced by Ecommerce industries. Companies will need to address challenges in this ever-evolving marketplace in order to sustain their position. Thus, making it important for Ecommerce industry to continuously assess its performance and stay ahead of competition.

In MBG, we help in identifying the challenges and performance gaps and deliver value to business by managing spectrum of business issues and assist clients in developing potential solutions to the challenges.

Based on our integrated method from start to finish, we can help you in every step of the way on your Ecommerce journey:

  • We look at your offline business model, what you want to achieve online and your budget.
  • We assess your online store, in which we carefully take into account the tax and legal considerations also.

Our Strategy is to help our clients achieve operational effectiveness by reducing the risk and maximizing the profit:

Minimizing Risk by providing a bouquet of services, we help client to better manage risk by addressing areas of:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Operational Improvement
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Forensics
  • Fraud risk assessments

Maximizing Profit with the focus to increase shareholder’s wealth an organization is always focused on maximizing profit and that can be achieved by strengthen the areas of:

  • Finance and Accounts, Taxation
  • Operational Efficiency & People
  • Optimal process of operation
  • Strategy review and definition
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Workforce Planning

You can rely on receiving personalized advice and working with a team of dedicated experts, who will help you every step of the way. Contact us

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