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November 12, 2019

An external financial audit is an extremely taxing and strenuous process, particularly if your company has not received a qualified opinion to determine if corrective actions are necessary or adequately implemented. That’s where our audit professionals can assist you.

We have been providing audit services to public and private companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies since 2002, and has extensive knowledge regarding the challenges that come with financial reporting and compliance.

As financial reporting and accounting experts with audit backgrounds, MBG understands the audit process and has assisted hundreds of clients with executing

successful audits. We manage the process and focus on fulfilling extensive and complex auditor requests, ultimately reducing the burden on your employees so they can prioritize value-added initiatives for the business.

MBG knows what auditors need, why they ask for certain information and the importance of timely and accurate responses to requests.

Our skilled professionals assess your organization’s transaction recording and financial reporting processes and provide you with detailed improvement strategies that result in accurate and timely submission of financial statement information.


Our audit readiness services include:

  • Policy and procedure documentation
  • Work paper and schedule preparation
  • New acquisition audit planning
  • Fluctuation analysis
  • Balance sheet, including intercompany, account reconciliations
  • Internal control remediation
  • Technical accounting assistance
  • Financial reporting preparation
  • Provide training to your finance team to retain knowledge in your organization
  • Review the “prepared by client list” from the auditor and compare it with the documentation prepared for the audit

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Last Updated: 12th November 2019This article is contributed by: Taher Singaporewala Assistant Director, Audit & Assurance Services

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