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New Prospects of Recovering Claims in India by Execution of UAE Judgments

February 26, 2020
As part of the India & UAE joint efforts to ensure justice is served to those businesses/business men in UAE which have pending claims against defaulters in India are able to enforce the judgement and actually receive their dues from the defaulters by virtue of the Notification issued by Government of India on 17 January 2020.

Impact of Enforcement

The India and the UAE entered into a bilateral treaty in 1999 to implement reciprocal enforcement rules across both territories, the development in Article 44 A of Indian Civil Procedure Code allows a judgment passed in UAE to "be executed in India in the manner as if it had been passed by the District Court and the claim will not be re-examined on the merits by the Courts in India at the of considering enforcement of judgments. This shall most definitely change the timeline making more Claimants gain confidence in approaching the judiciary to achieve their results.By virtue of this, if the debtor fails to make payment, then it is possible to pursue the process through Court in India, which will take steps against the debtor to recover amounts awarded on behalf of the creditor. The time limit for executing UAE judgments in India is 12 years from date it was enforced.

How MBG Can Assist You

We have our presence in all major cities throughout India and UAE and so we shall be the strongest legal team to assist you with both aspects of any recovery of dues or enforcement of judgments awarded in UAE which may be executed by our legal teams throughout India. It is a one stop shop for asserting your rights and actually seeing light at the end of the tunnel.Our team of experts will help you identify the best option that services your business. Contact us to know moreReference Indian Official Website

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