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May 26, 2021

The Labour Department of the National Capital Territory of New Delhi (“NCT of Delhi”) has issued a circular dated 14th May, 2021 (“the Circular”) with regard to “The Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Service) Act, 1979” (“the Act”) which is applicable to every establishment in which five or more inter-state migrant workmen are employed. The content of the Circular are as follows:-

All Principal Employers employing (or have employed during last 12 months) the workers through outsourcing are required to mandatorily register with labour department (on its e-portal).

Every inter-state migrant workman shall be issued a passbook by the contractor containing details of employment and shall be provided other benefit as provided in the Act.

Labour department has also made operational Shramik Helpline (155214) where migrant workmen can seek assistance and guidance.

The Act applies— (a) to every establishment in which five or more inter-State migrant workmen (whether or not in addition to other workmen) are employed or who were employed on any day of the preceding twelve months;

“Principal employer” means,—

  • in relation to a factory, the owner or occupier of the factory and where a person has been named as the manager of the factory under the Factories Act, 1948 (63 of 1948), the person so named;
  • in relation to any other establishment, any person responsible for the supervision and control of the establishment.

The complete text of the Act may be viewed at below link:

Last updated: 26/05/2021

Article contributed by:

Munesh Gaur

Senior Associate- Legal

MBG Corporate Services

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