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How to accelerate company registration with PRO services in Dubai, UAE

September 02, 2021

PRO services in Dubai- Significance of these services in business setup in Dubai

UAE has become one of the most favourite destinations for foreign investors/entrepreneurs to settle and establish their business presence. Dubai, among all the 7 emirates, stands ahead and is preferred by most of these investors.

Some of the key reasons that make UAE or Dubai an attractive proposition for foreign investors to start a business are: ease of doing business, safety and security, tax haven, well connected with east and west world, availability of global talent.

Business setup in Dubai comes with a set of formalities that foreign investors need to carry out. These formalities or procedures are governed by Dubai Economy Development (DED) and require documentation and approvals to complete the company registration process. This is where PRO services come handy.

Who is PRO (Public Relation Officer) and what are PRO services in Dubai?

Public Relations Officer or PRO is a government liaison officer who helps in processing of documents (government, legal etc.) that are required for business setup in Dubai. So, in a nutshell, PRO services are document clearing services performed by the Public Relations Officer (PRO). PRO services are fundamental to any business setup activity that happens in Dubai or UAE and cover a wide range of services. They play an important role in accelerating the company formation process in Dubai or UAE.

Why foreign investors/companies should outsource PRO services in Dubai, UAE

Foreign investors or companies are not familiar with the government bodies and other local requirements while registering a business in Dubai. For them, comprehending company formation rules and regulations, understanding arabic documents, following currency changes, getting clearances/approvals is a daunting task. It takes a lot of time and energy for them.

That’s why it is recommended for foreign investors or companies to outsource this activity to external experts delivering PRO services in Dubai.

Key benefits of outsourcing PRO services in Dubai 

  • Save cost by not hiring an internal PRO person
  • Achieve transparency and fair accountability
  • Focus on the core business and leave the hassle of managing required documentation and approvals
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience to save time and obtain competitive advantage

How MBG Corporate Services undertake PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Our company formation experts can assist foreign investors at every step towards business expansion. With organised documentation services, our corporate PRO services in Dubai can help in the swift management of tasks relating to Public Relations.

Our experts keenly analyse changes in government rules, regulations, policies and procedures and guide businesses in addressing all visa-related and corporate-related issues.

With in-depth knowledge of immigration and employment laws in the Free Zones and Mainland, we assist foreign investors/companies in obtaining important business licences, approvals, clearances, copyrights, certifications and trademarks.

Our services also cover Visa Services for the staff and their families. We also assist Foreign Investors/companies with the employment requirements concerning immigration laws.

Our wide range of “Corporate PRO services in Dubai” help foreign investors/companies obtain:

  • Employment visas
  • Employment labour cards
  • Family Residency visas
  • Renewal of Family Residency visas
  • Visa cancellations
  • Renewal/modification of business licences
  • Company documents such as Labour Computer Card and Immigration Card

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