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The Importance of Business Feasibility Study for a New Business Project

June 16, 2021

The success or failure of any business model is highly dependent on analyzing the key determinants that either go to make or break the conversion of the commercial proposition. Assessing the viability of new business establishment or arrangement followed by market evaluation requires systematic & comprehensive efforts. Therefore, feasibility analysis in entrepreneurship, and the importance of business feasibility study, in particular, cannot be overstated.

Why 'business feasibility study’ is important for a new business plan

Essentially, a business feasibility study assesses business opportunities against the risks from uncertainty attached to them by thorough in-depth research.  It is a critical imperative for mitigating the risks of uncertainty and strategically plan for them. A feasibility study and business plan go hand in hand. The eventual goal of a Business Feasibility Study is to not only protect the investment but also maximize its returns.

Uncertainty has always been a big challenge for new business ventures at the best of times. Now in the post-COVID-19 era and considering the probability of upcoming waves, assessing business feasibility is more challenging than ever. Problems such as estimating demand, evaluating supply chain logistics, assessing costs, and accessing financing are age-old.

The pandemic has added to that list: change in customer attitudes, habits and buying behaviour, disrupted supply chains, and so on. Most important perhaps is the uncertainty about how long it will last and which of its changes are long and which short term.

Considering the thus increased importance of Business Feasibility Study, MBG Corporate Services has a best-in-class Market Evaluation offering for new businesses. It is designed by the best minds in the business to ensure the best Business Feasibility Advisory for your Go/No Go decision using their expertise and experience.

Following is the suite of feasibility services offered by MBG:


  • Key Overview Insights : Potential investment candidate options including profiles, group company structure and product specifications
  • Customer and Competitor Analysis: Competitive analysis of major customers to analyze the potential product growth within the industry
  • SWOT Analysis: Influencing factors, market drivers, market opportunities and challenges
  • PESTLE Analysis: Political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors
  • Opportunity Assessment: Potential opportunities to address and meet requirements


  • Size operational requirement : Finalize Partners / Importers / Distributors universe- size, operational requirements, other parameters with geo preferences across identified region
  • Develop a long list:  Based on thorough market research detailing with company and management profiles of possibly interested local market players
  • Shortlisting process : Based on various evaluation criteria like company size, financial strength, cultural fit, strategic fit, etc.
  • List delivery: Final recommended shortlist delivered within agreed timelines


  • Enhanced Due Diligence : Analysis of target company and management,  red-flagging concerns
  • Financial Due Diligence: Assessing issues faced by the business and  drivers of sustainable profits and cash flows, financial risks identification
  • Operational Due Diligence: Operational review of target, assessing business plan vis-a-vis operational facilities, analyzing potential for additional value through improvements
  • Business Valuation: Based on thorough understanding of internal factors, including both financial and nonfinancial data, and external factors affecting the business
  • Post-Merger Integration: The final and critical step of the Merger & Acquisition transaction


  • Establishing the entire structure : including Company, Liaison, Branch and Project offices as well as manufacturing / other production set up

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