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How to Register Online Company in Dubai?

July 16, 2021

Overview: Register Online Company in Dubai

UAE is a business haven for entrepreneurs and investors, coming up with newer, brighter ideas each day. The commercial avenues of the UAE have grown rapidly through the decades. However, the opportunity for online businesses in UAE is still being explored.

With the rate of expansion of online businesses and e-commerce worldwide, this sector is growing and establishing in UAE as well. At this point, building an online business in UAE can help you get a niche into the market.

Over 90% of the population has internet access, along with a preferential tax structure and great logistics system which ensures excellent opportunities for further growth.

How to Register an Online Company in Dubai

How to register an online company in Dubai is one of the first questions when someone thinks of planning an online business in Dubai. The process regarding the Online Company Registration in Dubai begins with obtaining a license for the commercial zone you want to register your company in. Almost 80% of the companies in the UAE own such licenses for business and you would require that too. This license makes it possible for a business to be conducted and sell various products & services.

Types of Online Businesses You Can Register in Dubai:

  • Online Portal or E-Marketplace: Creating an online portal for businesses to list their products for sale is called an e-marketplace. A great example of such an online portal is Amazon and Flip kart. If you are planning a business similar to that, you will need an online portal.
  • E-commerce: An E-commerce portal for your company’s range of products/services through your website is another great option. It is an online shop for your customers in a particular geographic location or globally, which makes trade possible 24*7 with a direct link between buyers and the seller.
  • Commercial or Service License: if you have a traditional business type, which does not relate to e-commerce, it does not restrict you from selling your products online. You can sell your products online and the mode of sales does not make any difference.

Steps to Register Online Company in Dubai:

The process of Onshore/ Offshore Online Company Registration in Dubai involves the following steps:

  1. Choose the Type of Company: the company types can consist of several options. You can register an LLC, a branch of a foreign parent company, a representative office, and some other types of companies.
  1. The Choice of Company Registration Place: You must choose a commercial area to get a license. There are various free zones in UAE where you can choose to carry out your operations or register for your online business in Dubai/UAE. It comes with two options: one within the free zones and the other outside the free zone.
  1. Registration of Company Name: Registering a company name is essential. The name should be closely related to the products/services it offers. Besides, the word LLC or PLC is important to be added to your company name while launching your business.
  1. Choosing a Physical Office in Dubai: Although an online store has no physical premises, there still should be a legal address, required for registration, as the UAE authorities oblige e-commerce companies to have one.
  1. License Approval: After all the above procedures are taken care of, you need to apply for a license. This takes up to 7 days and mentions all the permissible activities in UAE.
  1. Opening a Bank Account in UAE: every company requires a bank account, to carry out all transactions related to business. An Entrepreneur can open a bank account with any of the local banks in the UAE.

Key Advantages of the UAE/Dubai Online Company Registration and Company Setup please explain these advantages:

  • Tax Implications: There are zero taxes and fees applicable on the online business, except a 5% VAT
  • Super Easy to Setup: UAE constantly tries to help make the process of business license and registration process as smooth and convenient for investors as possible. Applying for an e-commerce business license in Dubai/UAE is extremely time-efficient.
  • Low-Cost Process: the entire process of setting up an online business in the UAE is extremely affordable. The cost of a trading license can be extremely low with no paid-up share capital.
  • Various Office Space Options: Affordable office space options are available in Dubai/UAE for establishing your business. While it may not be a compulsory requirement if you There are various options available for this in the mainland and overall Dubai/UAE.
  • More than One Visa Options: With an e-commerce business in Dubai/UAE, it is possible to apply for one or multiple types of visas. There are various visa options to choose from.
  • Import/Export Duties: There are no import and export duties applicable on e-commerce licenses, making the registration process even simpler.

How MBG can help?

At MBG Corporate Services, we carefully evaluate your type of business; assist you with the Onshore/ Offshore Online Company Registration in Dubai/ UAE, capital requirements, and other factors. Our Experts help you choose the solutions that best meet your business needs and maximize your business value.

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